We perform inspiring romantic civil weddings in Phoenix and all over Arizona. In fact, there are few places we have not performed one of our more than 16,000 signature marriages since 1977.

Arizona State Law allows court judges and institutional clergy-people (ministers) to solemnize a marriage, or to pronounce someone legally married. That’s where we can help.

We are Phillip & Gwen Waring, Arizona Wedding Officiants. While we are duly ordained ministers with decades of Arizona church leadership and experience, we now offer our marriage celebrating services to everyone, regardless of personal faith. We impose nothing on you or in the content of your ceremony.

Our civil wedding ceremonies are enjoyed by everyone. In fact, we are referred enthusiastically by many Arizona wedding venues because we are flexible and dependable.

A civil wedding ceremony can be fun and emotionally uplifting. By removing religious elements and replacing them with the concepts of love, faith, and honor, our words help everyone feel what you want them to know.

We call our wedding ceremonies, “signature weddings,” because we are different. We listen to your hopes and aspirations for the ceremony. We thoughtfully craft the words that will exceed your expectations. We’re known for having you face the guests as you are pronounced ‘husband and wife.’ Our Gold Cords ceremony is original and has been used around the world. Arizona Wedding Officiants strive for nothing less than world-class.

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